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In Hack n Slash you start the game with 3 Health bars, and as you progress through the game you'll find more, which both can be taken away through damage, or added to by completing Quests or talking to the right objects. For example, many creatures and bushes will allow you to change 'heart drop' numbers, from 0 to any number you desire, by hacking into them. You can also change enemies' damage to negative and you will be healed by them.

Increasing Max Health Locations[edit | edit source]

There are various chests and NPCs that will give you hearts to increase your maximum health. Here is a list below:

  • SpookyPath
There is a chest that contains 1 Heart around the corner from the entrance
  • CentralForest
Directly above the entrance is a chest behind two hackable blocks. Move a block with a negative number to open the chest and receive 3 hearts
  • SleepingSwamp
Talking to the SpriteQueen at the lower end of the map, will give you 10 hearts. You can receive arbitrarily many hearts by using QueenSprite Artifact and changing value of queenSpriteGaveHearts to 'false'.