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There are all sorts of Puzzles in Hack n Slash, some of which you can find below.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Turtle Crossing[edit | edit source]

For the turtle crossing puzzle, Alice must disable her Sprite Bob so the sound doesn't reach the turtles scaring them to go under the water.

Turtle Spawning[edit | edit source]

Turtles must be spawned frequently enough, or their actions must be changed, so that they will carry Alice across the water to the room where the Swamp King is.

Swamp King Battle[edit | edit source]

A Spikey Turtle must be made good and made to explode and damage the Swamp King, at which point the shell will be gone, and Alice can hack him to remove the corruption.

Fireballs[edit | edit source]

The Shooters must be hacked, either with the sword or boomerang, and their behaviors changed to not shoot fireballs in order to pass through and get the Boomerang Artifact.

Boomerang Puzzle[edit | edit source]

In order to reach the Info Opacity Artifact and Ida and Halcyon, a puzzle involving aligning four ports from invisible platforms with the boomerang must be completed. After setting the offset of all the ports to zero, the boomerang can be thrown to another port, which has an offset variable that reveals the door to the next room when set to zero.

Ida Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The port changes the speed at which the platforms in the center of the room spin, such that reversing the direction moves the innermost layer first. The platforms must be aligned from the outside in, reversing the direction for each layer and then bringing the speed back to zero. Then Alice can walk across the platforms to Ida, who gives her Ida's Device.

Halcyon Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The wavelength variable of the port creates an interference pattern with beams that damage Alice, the number and angle of which can vary to some extent. Using the boomerang and a Reflection Block, Alice must go between these beams to reach the Halcyon's Magic Lamp.

Decryption Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Using the Third Eye Hat or Info Opacity Artifact, different symbols can be seen on certain buttons on the side of the symbol chart. Pressing the buttons that have a symbol different than the others in the correct order will open the other side of the room. On the other side of the room, aligning the letters by hacking the ports and setting the offset to zero reveals the meaning of the symbols, which Bob can copy over to make the info symbols be regular characters.

Warden Puzzle[edit | edit source]

In order to pass by the Warden and leave the dungeon, Alice must change her name to something else by using Ida to search for "name" and Halcyon to change it to anything else.

The Infinite Woods[edit | edit source]

To exit the woods, simply retrace your steps, taking the largest sized branch at each fork, or use the Universe Tuning Amulet to return to CentralForest.

If you have the Third Eye Hat or the Info Opacity Artifact, white lines will appear on the pathways at each fork. Follow the white pathways to reach the next section (it's a long walk).

Isis' Trials[edit | edit source]

There are a total of eight puzzles in Isis' cave across five rooms that require use of the Magic Loupe, as well as one to leave that requires the Breakpoint Bombs. These are relatively simple to those with a basic understanding of programming, and all individual puzzles only require changing a single value or two. The most obscure puzzle to solve is probably the one that has a function f0 within the code that returns whether a number is even, and the code for that function must be examined further, and the base of the modulus must be changed to complete the puzzle.

Magic Gate[edit | edit source]

The gate to Christo's castle has several traps in place, including an area in front of the port which deals damage if you stay too long (visible with the Third Eye Hat or with Info Opacity Artifact, a lock which closes the gate if it is opened past 10, and a trap which closes the gate and damages the player when the gate is fully opened at 350, as well as a protected signpost within the class room which deals damage if the player attempts to edit the code. All of these traps can be bypassed by using Breakpoint Bombs.

Death Clock[edit | edit source]

On the second floor of Christo's castle, there is a clock which begins counting down, and upon reaching zero, the universe collapses (the code throws an error). Using the Library of Babel, the file for the room can be obtained and edited such that instead of the crash() function, the dontCrash() function is called when the alarm goes off.

Tile Puzzle[edit | edit source]

On the fourth floor of Christo's castle, upon entering, several tiles are removed from the floor, and looking at the code, there is a protection system that checks to make sure the correct tiles are selected. The tile disappearance can be averted by calling a different function, in many different ways, or by editing the Abyss file to prevent falling off of ledges.

Christo Battle[edit | edit source]

Christo will repeatedly teleport and shoot fireballs. As he says, his fireballs do infinite damage and he is unhackable. However, if you have his file from the Library of Babel or by using Breakpoint Bombs, his code can be edited to call a convenient function stopBattle() and in addition, the isHackable() function can be edited to return true. Upon hacking him, there is a boolean called defeated which can be changed to true to end the battle.

WizardBat Battle[edit | edit source]

On the roof of the Library of Babel, WizardBat (Christo) repeatedly deletes files in the hope that he will eventually delete Alice (though the universe collapses before this happens). In order to defeat him, Bob must use Breakpoint Bombs and the code must be edited so that Christo stops deleting files. There are multiple ways to do this, but the easiest way is to flip a few booleans in the functions that give true by default to delete the next file or move to the next directory.

DRM Roof[edit | edit source]

After the final boss bsttles, there is an encrypted book on the roof of the castle. The encryption key must be entered into a port next to it, and it can be found in the Library of Babel in the file for the room.

Spooky Path Chests[edit | edit source]

Excluding the simple chests that contain a heart and the Queen Sprite Artifact, there are two chests in Spooky Path that appear after a certain number of days. Falling back into the cave at the start of the game causes the chest that contains the Day Night Speed Artifact, and this can be set to up to 1000%. Waiting is enough to get the first chest that appears with time, on the beach, which contains the Hearts Per Day Artifact. The slab next to the chest that contains a heart can be edited with the Magic Loupe to change the required time to pass for the chests to appear, and the other chest, which would take millions of days without hacking this, can be found to contain the Debug Artifact.

Unreachable Chest in Act 3[edit | edit source]

By sequence breaking and going through Isis and Script' trials and getting the Magic Loupe and Breakpoint Bombs before defeating the Swamp King, or by editing the Water file to allow walking on water after reaching the Library of Babel and editing the first floor of Christo's castle to escape without the doors closing, the apparently unreachable chest in the Armory can be reached. Using a Breakpoint Bomb, the constructor of the gate must be changed to give the gate a hitbox that is zero by zero, and then leaving and re-entering the room will apply the effect. The gate can then simply be walked through to get the chest, which contains the Library Root Path Artifact.