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About Hack 'n' Slash

Hack ‘n’ Slash is a hacking themed puzzle action game for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Double Fine. The game will be on Steam and DRM-free and is set to be released in the first half of 2014. In Hack ‘n’ Slash, a young elf uses her computer hacking skills to cheat her way through a classic action/adventure game. By subverting old-school gaming tropes with unique hacking mechanics, Hack ‘n’ Slash allows non-programmer players to experience that same sense of mystery and discovery.

I’ve always loved games with lots of secrets in them, and when I first discovered a hex editor in an emulator, it dawned on me that I could be a kind of digital treasure hunter—no game could keep even its deepest secrets from me if I adventured long enough in its code and memory.
~ Hack ‘n’ Slash project lead Brandon Dillon